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cPanel addon

Recommended setup The optimal procedure to protect a cPanel server is the following: Once logged in as 'Super-Admin' Create a admin account...    Views: 35032

DirectAdmin addon

About SpamExperts Module For DirectAdmin is a module which allows you to manage SpamExperts account directly from your DirectAdmin. Features:...    Views: 13661

ExtendASP integration

Our partners at ExtendASP have developed the integration for SpamExperts, allowing you to add- and remove domains to a SpamExperts appliance or...    Views: 696

H-Sphere addon

The H-Sphere module is being maintained and supported by CPDevel. This addon is free to use for all SpamExperts clients. Be Advised: SpamExperts...    Views: 2133

HostBill Integration

The SpamExperts integration is provided and maintained by our partners at HostBill. You can access it via their main extensions page or directly on...    Views: 331

Hosting Controller Integration

Hosting Controller, a validated Microsoft Solution Vendor for Exchange 2010 & 2013 and a complete cloud hosting automation solution supporting...    Views: 2017

Integrating SpamExperts into your own software

We offer several pre-built implementations ready to install and integrate SpamExperts with various control panels. If you'd like to implement our...    Views: 6155

ISPManager addon

Our partners at ISPSystem have developed the integration for SpamExperts in ISPManager Pro, allowing you to add- and remove domains to a...    Views: 5830

MachPanel addon

MachPanel is a reliable, scalable and globally recognized cloud automation solution, specifically designed to manage private, public and hybrid...    Views: 2571 Report Spam Tool - Apple OSX

Report Spam Tool for Apple OSX. To report spam to the SpamExperts systems and databases please use the following tool. Click here to...    Views: 7155

Mozilla Thunderbird Addon

SpamExperts provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems. Addon for "Mozilla Thunderbird...    Views: 9851

MSPcontrol Integration

MSPControl is a complete portal for Cloud Computing Companies and IT Providers to automate the provisioning of a full suite of services on Windows...    Views: 53

Nagios Plugin Script

Using Nagios Monitoring with the API As SpamExperts prohibits the use of the NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) on the Local Cloud installation,...    Views: 3626

Odin Automation APS 1.2 addon

If you are running Odin Automation (PBA/POA) and use our Local or Hosted Cloud, the following plugin will integrate all SpamExperts services....    Views: 4188

Odin Automation APS 2.0 addon

What is the SpamExperts APS 2.0 addon The application integrates SpamExperts' advanced email protection system with Odin Automation, offering...    Views: 3495

Open-Xchange integration

Open-Xchange App Suite 7.6+ For details on how to integrate SpamExperts on your existing Open-Xchange server, please see here Transparent...    Views: 4440

Outlook Email Addon

SpamExperts provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems. Addon for "Microsoft Outlook...    Views: 17503

Plesk addon (for Linux)

Installing the addon The installation of the addon is very straightforward and can be done by anyone with root access to the system. System...    Views: 8289

Plesk addon (for Windows)

Installing the addon: The installation of the addon is very straightforward and can be done by anyone with Administrator access rights to the...    Views: 5125

Plesk Automation (PPA) integration

Add-on integration Plesk Automation (PPA) has support for the APS 1.2 standard. You'll need to verify with your Parallels regional account manager...    Views: 2875

Plesk Extension (Linux & Windows)

Due to recent changes within Plesk, version 17 and onwards requires the new "Plesk extension" to be used to be able to intergrate directly with the...    Views: 302

RoundCube Integration with SpamExperts

SpamExperts customers can report emails as spam or not spam directly from their RoundCube webmail account by employing the MarkAsJunk2 plugin....    Views: 742

SmarterTools SmarterMail integration

SmarterMail 8.X  setup. The SmarterTools Email server can be used in coordination with SpamExperts.   INCOMING FILTER Simply add your domain in...    Views: 4822

Software API

Software API All functionality of the SpamExperts Local Cloud setup is exposed via the API. A full help listing all available commands can be...    Views: 8061

SpamExperts Control Panel API

The SpamExperts Control Panel API can only be accessed by customers with administrator accounts. Using the Control Panel API allows you to...    Views: 9571

WHMCS addon

Download This addon is free to use for SpamExperts clients. This can be downloaded from here. Hosted Cloud users can see here for information on...    Views: 9840

Zimbra addon

Functionality The SpamExperts Zimbra addon, provides the following functionality: Report a spam to our central reporting system Automatically...    Views: 604