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SpamExperts Hosting Partner Program (HPP)

SpamExperts offers Webhosting clients above a certain license size the option to participate in the Hosting Partner Program in order to receive...    Views: 1310

Add Sub-Admin Accounts

A Sub-Admin account is basically the same type of account as the Admin. The only difference between the two is that the Sub-Admin is directly...    Views: 689

Configure Office 365 with SpamExperts

When using inbound filtering with an Office 365 account, you simply need to make sure that the route you have set for your domain is the Office365...    Views: 1846

Ensure proper delivery to my destination server

In some cases configuration changes are required to the destination server to ensure the SpamExperts servers can deliver to your destination server...    Views: 8372

General problems with specific Routers/Firewalls/Mail Servers

Cisco intrusion detection issues Sometimes there may be delivery issues resulting in messages getting queued with the following reason:...    Views: 6930

Get support

Service & Help SpamExperts offers multi-level and multi-language support to its customers. You can reach our friendly team via email, the...    Views: 4367

Getting started with the Reseller model

Introduction As a direct Reseller you are looking to provide your end-customers with the best email filtering and archiving.  Benefits of...    Views: 1462

Helpful Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Guidelines. Sometimes, when clients request information on incorrectly blocked messages, or spam messages that have passed the...    Views: 2362

How to count users/domains from SpamPanel

Often it's needed to see a count of both inbound and outbound mailboxes and / or domains. This can be done via the SpamExperts interface....    Views: 1443

How to enable recipient verification in Exchange and Office 365

The Microsoft Exchange mail server does not reject by default emails to non-existent users. When any mail server has recipient filtering enabled,...    Views: 2216

How to pay my invoice

SpamExperts has outsourced and automated all payment collection processes to both Paypal and Stripe. The reason for this is simple. With clients in...    Views: 5423

ISPs that are not supported

Since the SpamExperts systems fully operate at SMTP level, it is compatible with any type of mail server. A few internet providers however stop...    Views: 3589

LDAP Synchronization

LDAP Authentication SpamExperts provides full integration with LDAP in order to allow all your email users to log in to the SpamExperts Control...    Views: 1761

License types & Restrictions

Within SpamExperts, we always try to maximize the value-delivery to each of our client groups. This can be recognized from how we tailor our...    Views: 1202

Migration between Hosted Cloud & Local Cloud

When migrating to Hosted Cloud from Local Cloud or from Local Cloud to Hosted Cloud, you simply need to export the domains from your overview, then...    Views: 776

Reselling SpamExperts Services

Reselling SpamExperts Services Reseller/Distributor Agreement Our General Terms & Conditions specify that reselling of our services is not...    Views: 1391

Security Related Issues

Reporting Security Issues: Security is of utmost importance to SpamExperts, and we always immediately take action in case of any potential...    Views: 1362

Send Email Logs to Remote Syslog server

The SpamExperts Local Cloud solution supports sending detailed logs of message connections and status changes to a remote syslog server, which can...    Views: 503

Submit an official complaint

How to submit an official complaint to us. First of all, we are sorry to learn you are dissatisfied with our services / support / or any other...    Views: 2187

Upgrade my Reseller Package

To upgrade or downgrade your SpamExperts, please follow the simple steps listed below:   First log into your account via our website....    Views: 3464

What is spam & who sends it?

What is Spam? Spam is the use of media to send bulk unsolicited messages, unsolicited meaning the recipient have not opted to recieve the message....    Views: 2569