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Bounce spam protection (DSNs/NDRs)

"Bounce spam" can be an annoying problem. The email SMTP protocol is a very simple protocol that was defined in 1982. Spam was not yet a problem...    Views: 7292


In the SpamExperts Control Panel we use different classifications to describe why a message was rejected or temporarily rejected. Temporarily...    Views: 29095

Configure Outlook to access the IMAP quarantine

Configuring your mailclient If you want to use our IMAP quarantine & training system in your mailclient, you have to configure this. Use the...    Views: 9410


What is DMARC DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an email protocol designed to help prevent email...    Views: 919

Domain aliasing

For users with multiple domains we offer our free domain aliasing feature where domains can be added directly in the SpamPanel. This means that...    Views: 4197

Encryption TLS

The SpamExperts system fully supports incoming connections protected using TLS. Deliveries are always made over TLS when supported by the...    Views: 3984

Filtering Technologies

The filtering methods and system of SpamExperts have been specifically designed to avoid false positives. For that reason many different checks are...    Views: 8815

Getting started with the incoming filtering

Getting started with Incoming Filtering on Hosted Cloud The Incoming Filtering service on the SpamExperts Hosted Cloud can be started by...    Views: 22059


Greylisting We apply an advanced form of greylisting to help and stop a significant amount of spam with minimal resource usage. Although...    Views: 7199 Report Spam Tool - Apple OSX

Report Spam Tool for Apple OSX. To report spam to the SpamExperts systems and databases please use the following tool. Click here to...    Views: 7536

Message Queueing

Generally emails are directly delivered to the destination server and not stored locally on the filtering machines. However if the destination...    Views: 8087

Mozilla Thunderbird Addon

SpamExperts provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems. Addon for "Mozilla Thunderbird...    Views: 10477

Outlook Email Addon

SpamExperts provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems. Addon for "Microsoft Outlook...    Views: 18971

Recipient Callouts

There's no point accepting mail if it is sent to a recipient email address that doesn't actually exist on your destination mail server. Thus the...    Views: 7510

Report Spam

If you are still receiving spam, submitting the emails to the central SpamExperts training system will first of all help to reduce the spam you're...    Views: 14118

Reporting Spam via your Browser

When using a browser based email client, it's sometimes needed to be able to report spam to our systems. This can now be done by using a simple...    Views: 1309

SMTP error codes

Possible 5xx codes 500 - The server could not recognize the command due to a syntax error. 501 - A syntax error was encountered in command...    Views: 8501

Spam Quarantine (web/IMAP)

The quarantine system can be accessed directly via IMAP or the SpamExperts Control Panel. Messages that are rejected with a 5xx SMTP rejection code...    Views: 9290

Test my server is correctly accepting mail

Incoming Using telnet you can manually test if the destination server is correctly accepting the email. To do so, you have to lookup the...    Views: 6228

View email headers

AOL Email The email files are in an html format. The objective is to save the file in html format. This can be done as follows: Open the email...    Views: 6830

Virus scanning

Viruses, malware and other online threats often spread via email, therefore it is important to virus-scan emails before they arrive to the...    Views: 5042

What do I do when I receive Spam?

Even though you may using our anti-spam system correctly, it is possible you are still receiving spam. This page explains the steps to determine...    Views: 9540