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Abuse Reporting Format (ARF)

What are ARF reports? An ARF (Abuse Reporting Format) report is an email format abuse report generated every time an outgoing sender's message...    Views: 5316

Block port 25 outgoing traffic to force smarthost usage

Spammers may abuse a script on your servers to send out spam directly to port 25 destination email addresses, therefore bypassing the SpamExperts...    Views: 8451


In the SpamExperts Control Panel we use different classifications to describe why a message was rejected or temporarily rejected. Temporarily...    Views: 30251

Delivery IP management

The SpamExperts outbound filter uses by default the primary interface (IP address) to deliver outbound emails to the destination MX records. It may...    Views: 10582

Encryption TLS

The SpamExperts system fully supports incoming connections protected using TLS. Deliveries are always made over TLS when supported by the...    Views: 4211

Filtering Technologies

The filtering methods and system of SpamExperts have been specifically designed to avoid false positives. For that reason many different checks are...    Views: 9285

Generate DKIM certificate

  Why should I use DKIM? There are several advantages to using DKIM to sign your outgoing emails: The recipient is able to verify that the...    Views: 16922

Getting started with the outgoing filtering

The outgoing filtering solution is operating independently from the incoming email solution and can be used to relay outgoing email. Configuring...    Views: 32288

MTA examples to setup usage as a smarthost

You can use the Outgoing Service as a default smarthost relay. This page will describe how to setup various SMTP daemon to use a smarthost for...    Views: 55957

Outbound port 25 spam filtering at network level

We regularly receive the request about possibilities to force filter all outbound port 25 traffic at network level. Although various vendors claim...    Views: 1938

Outbound Spam Monitoring

The filters are very effective at blocking a large percentage of outbound spam/viruses, to prevent issues with your network reputation. It is very...    Views: 8105

Outgoing User Settings

Here you can configure the settings of the outgoing user. The image below represents a user for a specifc domain. If you wish to see how to setup...    Views: 10884

Setup a SPF record

What is SPF SPF (Sender Policy Framework)  is a way to restrict which mail servers are allowed to send email for your domain name. An example of...    Views: 14986

SMTP error codes

Possible 5xx codes 500 - The server could not recognize the command due to a syntax error. 501 - A syntax error was encountered in command...    Views: 8752

Virus scanning

Viruses, malware and other online threats often spread via email, therefore it is important to virus-scan emails before they arrive to the...    Views: 5307