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Archive historical data import

We're happy to import historical email data into your email archive. To ensure this is done correctly: Export the emails you wish us to import...    Views: 700

Archive storage options

If you have purchased the archiving product, it will be available in your Spampanel control panel. Initially you have to decide the type of storage...    Views: 4911

Archiving API

The archiving API is available in JSON format here. For a more human-friendly view, please use a JSON parser such as e.g.    Views: 3721

Archiving legislation and compliance

Email archiving compliance is a hot topic of debate. There is no universal rule/ standard when it comes to archiving email. There are multiple...    Views: 5248

Exchange Journaling

This page describes how to setup Journaling in Microsoft Exchange and set-up processing of these message with SpamExperts. This pages describes...    Views: 1069

Getting started with email archiving

Activate archiving for a domain To use the Archiving features ensure that: Your domain has been added to the system The Archive product has...    Views: 6802

Microsoft Exchange internal email archiving

When using SpamExperts for both your incoming and outgoing email filtering (using the smarthost setup), all external SMTP communication will...    Views: 2607