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Accept email only from the Hosted Cloud filter nodes

To avoid spammers being able to directly deliver the spam to your mail servers without filtering it first, you have to make sure your mail server...    Views: 26143

Branding & (premium) private label

SpamExperts offers Web Hosting companies the opportunity to brand the email security solution with their private label. Please note private label...    Views: 17328


Build 118276 (2017-06-20) Filtering (services): Resolved casing issue where specific messages would not be visible in the ‘Incoming Delivery...    Views: 44770

Changelog 2015

Build 95168 (2015-12-29) Filtering (services): Messages that are both quarantined and queued previously had a “quarantined” status, and changed...    Views: 1059

Configure Thunderbird to access the IMAP quarantine

If you would like to use our IMAP quarantine and training system directly from your mail client, some configuration is needed beforehand. Use the...    Views: 742

Domain aliasing

For users with multiple domains we offer our free domain aliasing feature where domains can be added directly in the SpamPanel. This means that...    Views: 4422

Domain migration within Hosted Cloud

Domain Migration There is sometimes a need to transfer domains from one "Administrator account" to another on our Hosted Cloud.  This will need to...    Views: 1686

Fair Use Policy

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Domain Based Licenses All our domain-based licenses come with a general Fair Use Policy (FUP). This FUP restricts the...    Views: 4483

Getting started with email archiving

Activate archiving for a domain To use the Archiving features ensure that: Your domain has been added to the system The Archive product has...    Views: 6802

Getting started with the incoming filtering

Getting started with Incoming Filtering on Hosted Cloud The Incoming Filtering service on the SpamExperts Hosted Cloud can be started by...    Views: 22901

Getting started with the outgoing filtering

The outgoing filtering solution is operating independently from the incoming email solution and can be used to relay outgoing email. Configuring...    Views: 32288

Hosted Cloud MX records

To route the incoming email for your domain through the SpamExperts filtering cloud you have to change your MX records. Prior to changing the MX...    Views: 11823

How to Add a Domain

After you are successfully logged in, you will notice the Control Panel Dashboard and several tables with buttons for all available features. To...    Views: 1890

Periodic based Protection Reports

The Periodic Protection Reports enable you to automatically receive User, Domain and On-demand Domain reports via email. To access reports go to:...    Views: 2652

Privacy protection and Hosted Cloud server locations

With the recent public revelations about government surveillance of internet and email traffic, we regularly get questions about how clients can...    Views: 2883

Reporting Spam via your Browser

When using a browser based email client, it's sometimes needed to be able to report spam to our systems. This can now be done by using a simple...    Views: 1554

SpamExperts Cloud Status Page

SpamExperts Cloud Status Page For information on SpamExperts Cloud Service Status, please see the following link:Check Status    Views: 2937

SpamExperts Control Panel API

The SpamExperts Control Panel API can only be accessed by customers with administrator accounts. Using the Control Panel API allows you to...    Views: 10889

Start a Trial with Hosted Cloud

Trial Steps for Hosted Cloud To get the free trial, please order it here . The free trial includes access to: Incoming filtering service...    Views: 2521

Using addons on the Hosted Cloud

Hosted Cloud users who want to use any of our compatible add-ons require API access. The API credentials will be your administrator email address...    Views: 5671