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Archive storage options

If you have purchased the archiving product, it will be available in your Spampanel control panel. Initially you have to decide the type of storage...    Views: 4692

Archiving API

The archiving API is available in JSON format here. For a more human-friendly view, please use a JSON parser such as e.g.    Views: 3596


The SpamExperts email filtering service is fully redundant. For more information, see our clustering article. To avoid data loss, the following...    Views: 2847

Branding & (premium) private label

SpamExperts offers Web Hosting companies the opportunity to brand the email security solution with their private label. Please note private label...    Views: 16646


Build 115655 (2017-04-25) Front-end / GUI: Resolved issue with Domain transfer failing if the admin username exceeded character limit (#32025)...    Views: 42579

Changelog 2009 - 2011

Build 43533 (2011-12-29) Software: Filtering technology updates and adjustments Spampanel: Pagination of bandwidth overview...    Views: 3338

Changelog 2012

Build 52150 (2012-12-20) Spampanel: Allow outgoing user passwords to be changed at the domain level  (#16806) Spampanel API improved...    Views: 2090

Changelog 2013

Build 61970 (2013-12-26) Software: This build includes general filtering/performance updates only. Addons: No new updates this week...    Views: 2035

Changelog 2015

Build 95168 (2015-12-29) Filtering (services): Messages that are both quarantined and queued previously had a “quarantined” status, and changed...    Views: 919


The SpamExperts email filtering solution is always installed on at least 2 servers. All filtering nodes are fully synchronized and controlled from...    Views: 5990

Delivery IP management

The SpamExperts outbound filter uses by default the primary interface (IP address) to deliver outbound emails to the destination MX records. It may...    Views: 9961

Fair Use Policy

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Domain Based Licenses All our domain-based licenses come with a general Fair Use Policy (FUP). This FUP restricts the...    Views: 4282

Firewall Usage

As SpamExperts offers SaaS managed email security service, it is very important the servers are fully accessible at all times without external...    Views: 5045

Get started with the Local Cloud

Prerequisites In order to have the Local Cloud software deployed on your servers, you need to ensure the following steps have been covered:...    Views: 7202

Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements strictly depend on how much traffic the solution will filter, thus different configurations may apply to different customers....    Views: 4641

How to Add a Domain

After you are successfully logged in, you will notice the Control Panel Dashboard and several tables with buttons for all available features. To...    Views: 1647

How to Proactively Block Dangerous Attachments

With SpamExperts you can block a very large amount of malware, yet there can sometimes be new Malware campaigns that are able to evade all...    Views: 659

IPv6 support

The SpamExperts solution fully supports IPv6. If the IPv6 addresses were not present at setup of your cluster, please provide the details to our...    Views: 2571

Load balancer configuration

If you prefer to use a physical load balancer to distribute your traffic over the SpamExperts Local Cloud nodes ( outbound or inbound traffic), you...    Views: 2922

Local Cloud MX Records

To route the incoming email for a domain through the SpamExperts Local Cloud solution, you’ll have to replace the existing MX records with records...    Views: 1749

Local Cloud product cancellation/uninstallation

Cancellation procedure All steps described here apply only to the Local Cloud filtering service. To cancel the product you have to complete a few...    Views: 2941

Local Cloud Server Changes

Server Modifications Server modifications may be needed, and as SpamExperts provides it’s services SaaS, actions may be required from our side...    Views: 3148


We constantly monitor the software on your Local Cloud servers. Issues related to hardware/resources/networking are generally the responsibility of...    Views: 3700

Reporting Spam via your Browser

When using a browser based email client, it's sometimes needed to be able to report spam to our systems. This can now be done by using a simple...    Views: 1309

Server moves and IP changes

Server moves This is actually depending on whether you are simply moving them or if you are also changing IP's. If this is "just a move", we...    Views: 3957

Set up my Local Cloud servers for SpamExperts

Setup Requirements General Setup Requirements HDD: As processing email involves a lot of small read/writes, we recommend fast storage....    Views: 10154

Software API

Software API All functionality of the SpamExperts Local Cloud setup is exposed via the API. A full help listing all available commands can be...    Views: 8315

SSL Certificates

Introduction By default a self-signed SSL certificate is installed on your server for HTTP, SMTP, and IMAP. You can replace these certificates...    Views: 4694

Start a Trial with Local Cloud

The Local Cloud product can be tested on our demo server which is publicly accessible for everyone, as detailed below. If you want to start a...    Views: 17228

Update policy and procedures

Update build day/time SpamExperts publishes a new stable build of its Local Cloud product every Tuesday 11:00am UTC. All Local Cloud servers will...    Views: 3053


If you want to use any of our add-ons on the Local Cloud, Control Panel API access is required. The configuration details for our Local Cloud are:...    Views: 569


Our solution works well on both physical and/or virtual machines. We do recommend hypervisors that use full virtualization instead of...    Views: 3564